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We would like to sell your AJS or Matchless single or twin on commission or buy it for cash. You don't need to advertise, you'll not have tyre kickers wasting your time, you'll not be suspicious of dodgy cheques and you'll not be troubled by web-based buyers.
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Image Item Price
(680 UYS) 1953 AJS 20 500cc TWIN 4750.00
(HY70 XDK) 2020 AJS TEMPEST ROADSTER SK125-25A sold as seen 1900.00
(PJV 584) 1961 AJS 31CSR BARN/ GARAGE FIND 5250.00
(WXB 752) 1956 AJS 650 TWIN WITH SIDE CAR 4500.00
(356 AAC) 1958 AJS 16MS 2999.00
(BNV 819B) 1964 AJS 14CSR 3299.00

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